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1. History of Notre dam Cathedral in France:

Paris, the ancient Lutetia, was evangelized from the third century. There were about 250 Christians enough for Pope Fabian sent there as the first bishop Dionysius, St. Denis became our patron saint of Paris. Then being persecuted Christians in Gaul as in all the Christian Empire, Bishop Denis worship was probably secretly in a single piece of a Gallo-Roman. Denis has also been martyred a few years later with his assistants on Mount Mercury, named for Mount Martyrum (Montmartre). His successors have lived in hiding until the peace of the church decided by the Emperor Constantine in 313.
It then became possible to build a first Christian building, probably on the left bank and perhaps, according to some stories on the side of the current Val de Grace. In fact, we know nothing definite about this first cathedral or on the following. Excavations were carried out at different periods in the eastern part of the Ile de la Cité, where now stands the Cathedral of Notre Dame. They suggest that there was at its location at the beginning of our era a pagan temple, later replaced by a large Christian basilica with five naves, probably not unlike the ancient basilicas of Rome and Ravenna, in particular. But we do not know if this cathedral dedicated to Saint-Etienne, was high in the fourth century and was later reworked or if it dates from the seventh century with older elements in replacement. One thing is certain however: the cathedral of St. Stephen was very large.Its western facade, located about forty meters further west than the present facade of Notre Dame, had a width just short, as to the total length of the building, it represented just over half of the current. Inside, the aisles were separated by marble columns and walls were covered with mosaics. According to liturgical use, it was completed on the north side by a baptistery, called Saint Jean le Rond.
Kulvir virk insight  about  St. Stephen's Cathedra 
The St. Stephen's Cathedral seems to have been regularly maintained and repaired, certainly enough to withstand the war and the ravages of time. However, the mid-twelfth century during the reign of Louis VII, Bishop Maurice de Sully and Chapter took an extremely important decision: to build up a new St. Stephen's Cathedral, much longer and taller than the former, as permitted in new architectural techniques that were then beginning to be used, one of the pointed style, commonly called Gothic today

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